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Otto Home Control - Pairing & Waking the Motor
Otto Home Control - Setting & Adjusting the Limits
Otto Home Control - Setting the Favorite Position
Otto Home Control - Locking the Remote Control
Otto Home Control - Grouping Shades with P1 Motor Button
Otto Home Control - Grouping Shades with P2 Remote Button
TBMS Radio Motorization-MS 30 Setting the Limits
TBMS Radio Motorization-MS 30 Adding & Removing a Remote
TBMS Radio Motorization-MS 30 Programming Your Remote
TBMS Radio Motorization MS 50 - Adding/Removing a Remote
TBMS Motorization - MS 50 Setting Limits
TBMS Radio Motorization - MS 50 Programming Your Remote
Leveling your Lift & Lock™ Horizontal Blind
Prism Lift & Lock™ - How to Operate and Adjust
Replacing the Tilt Mechanism
How to Shorten a Horizontal Blind
How to Replace a Slat on a Horizontal Blind
Somfy-Adjusting a Motorized Horizontal Blind
Somfy-Setting the MY Position
Somfy-How to Install the Battery Wand