If you are a consumer looking to purchase TimberBlindMetro Shade products, please clickhere.


If you are interested in becoming a TimberBlindMetro Shade Dealer

please email todd.brown@timberblinds.com

You may also contact us by calling 1-877-434-2000


If you are a Contractor, Architect, or Design Firm please contact the Commercial Division:


Kevin McCann

Commercial Division Sales Manager

email: kevin.mccann@timberblinds.com


Navarro Fisher

Motorization Specialist

email: navarro.fisher@timberblinds.com


Bianca DiPasquale

Architectural Market Manager

email: bianca.dipasquale@timberblinds.com


Veronica Schoeman

Commercial Division Customer Service

email: veronica.schoeman@timberblinds.com